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Flash Cards

Flash Cards

How to use Montessori Flashcards | Purpose of Flashcards :

Flashcards for toddlers are colourful cards that help aid a child in learning words, concepts, objects, images etc in a way that helps them retain information. The main purpose of flashcards is to improve memory through information retrieval. The more repetition and practice a child gets the better their capability of remembering complex words and concepts at a young age. This helps in the overall development and helps a child retain information over a long period of time. Since 90% of brain growth happens before kindergarten (age 5), flashcards can be essential brain boosters to help create those millions of neurological connections in their brains. Children, during their early years, are like little sponges, absorbing all the information around them and then actively trying to make sense of them.

There is no right or wrong time to introduce flashcards to your kids, you can introduce these square-shaped paper cards as early as 6 months old. Flashcards can easily be the first step your child takes in exploring learning. You can start by simply showing them images of certain objects, like common fruits and vegetables and as they grow add more information to them. The amazing aspect of flashcards is that they can be taught to kids in a variety of different ways depending on their age and grasping strength.

GrapplerTodd Montessori inspired flashcards are made of high-quality paper with realistic images on one side and a single word noun on the backside of the card. Montessori flashcards can be used to teach your child various concepts such as fruits, vegetables, modes of transport, community helpers, wild animals, aquatic animals, monuments in the world etc while helping them recognise these real-life pictures as well as help their vocabulary and understand some basic principles or sequences.

You can use Montessori flashcards in a variety of different ways, as a parent you can use your imagination and fun techniques to teach your tiny toddlers without them losing interest. The amazing aspect of flashcards is that they can be taught to kids in a variety of different ways depending on their age and grasping strength.

What we at GrapplerTodd would suggest you do is:-

  • The Matching Game:- This method would be perfect for toddlers around the 2-year mark. Get a pair of 2 identical flashcards, and ask your child to match the name of an object to the image, for example, make them match a mango flashcard to the word mango. This will help your child identify objects as well as improve their vocabulary.
  • The Vocabulary Test: – One of the easiest ways to use Montessori Flashcards is by asking your toddler to identify the image on a flashcard and asking them to spell out the object they are looking at. For example, show them the image of the Taj Mahal and let them spell out the word verbally.
  • The Memory Game:- In this game, take your toddler on an adventure to the zoo or your local Bazar and make them identify as many objects as they can, once you get home show them the flashcards and ask them to describe those objects in their own way. This helps build their memory, object recognition skills and helps in sentence formation.

I suggest taking one step at a time so that your toddler doesn’t get overwhelmed or leave a bad taste in their mouth for learning. Take breaks, do not force them to play with educational toys and let them come to you if they want to play with their GrapplerTodd flashcards. Soon you will be amazed at your toddler’s skills in identifying and recognization skills with a little time and effort from your end. Make learning fun!